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If you have really great friends, your partner won't feel the pressure to be everything. There's a question that plagues many single folk whenever they find themselves at a family gathering, high school reunion, or any other situation in which small talk is involved: But sometimes, being single and not focusing on dating at all can be the best course of action. For your first anniversary, they say, you should gift your partner something with "paper"; for. Over the past four years, same-sex marriage rates have increased dramatically — in fact, while marriage rates are declining for Americans overall. You Feel Angry About Dating. When you're going through a serious life change — maybe you've recently moved, changed jobs, or even experienced a loss — it's totally understandable and healthy to take a break from dating to get all your ducks in a row.

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Welcome to Mothership:

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Why You Should Act Single In A Relationship

So as long as you're comfortable with who you are and where you are in life, you should feel free to date — or not date — to your heart's content. So instead of yelling at your Aunt Jennifer about how reductive that question is, or going on a rant about the dozens of Tinder messages that never amounted to anything, we've come up with a handful of pithy responses. Indeed, the best relationships are formed when partners complement each other—not when one person is trying futilely to fill the voids in another. It'll feel great — promise. They run the gamut from sassy to sarcastic to sincere, so feel free to tailor your answers to whoever is asking. No need to make grandma cry, guys.

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if your dating are you single
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if your dating are you single
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if your dating are you single
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